Ready-Mix Concrete

If you need to know where to find ready-mix concrete near your Central PA job sites, Union Quarries is your answer. Our headquarters for aggregate, asphalt and ready-mix concrete is located in Carlisle, PA and delivers to the entire Harrisburg region, including throughout Adams County and Cumberland County.


About Ready-Mix Concrete


Ready-mix concrete is a great way to streamline your project and help you meet goals on time. If you are not an expert when it comes to mixing concrete, you don’t want to waste valuable time and effort mixing your own with a concrete mixer. With over 50 years in the stone aggregate and concrete business, Union Quarries has the equipment, resources, and experience to create a custom & fresh concrete mix that is more durable and sustainable than the type you are likely to be able to mix yourself.


When you order ready-mix concrete, you can focus purely on the job, knowing that the concrete you need is being delivered and you can pour it directly into your project when it arrives. You don’t have to worry about mixing equipment or any of the setup or cleanup involved with mixing your own concrete. We take care of all of that.


Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete


At Union Quarries, our commitment to quality and safety makes us one of the top concrete-producing companies in Central PA. That’s why Harrisburg-area professionals in construction and homebuilding have turned to us for over 50 years.


Since we are a local Pennsylvania company, you can also count on getting your concrete fast. One of the major reasons for choosing ready-mix concrete rather than mixing it yourself is time. You want your concrete ready quickly so you can keep your project running on time. By ordering your ready-mix concrete for your Central PA project from Union Quarries, you can be sure that it will be ready for you when you need it.


We hope you’ll also appreciate our commitment to employee safety. Safety is our top priority and we use every possible safety protocol to protect our workers. This is because we put people first, both those in our organization and the ones in the Pennsylvania communities that we serve every day.


If you’re looking for a quality ready-mix concrete provider with a passion for offering superior customer service and a culture of excellence, you’ll want to order your concrete from Union Quarries.


Local Concrete Delivery


If you need ready-mix concrete for your operations, getting it delivered is a quick and easy way to source this material without the challenges of storing and preparing the mix. At Union Quarries, we manufacture ready-mix concrete at our facilities and bring it to you when you need it.


Our services work well for businesses that don’t have the capacity or need to mix concrete directly on the job site. Our product is ready for immediate use upon arrival.


Benefits of Getting Ready-Mix Concrete Delivered


Ready-mix concrete deliveries offer numerous benefits to those completing construction projects throughout the area. When you choose us as your local concrete supplier, you can expect advantages like:


  • Punctual arrivals: We deliver your ready-mix concrete when you request it to ensure you can keep your construction projects on track.
  • High-quality product: You can rely on us to deliver excellent ready-mix cement that you can use immediately.
  • High Quality Service: We support you through all parts of your concrete delivery, from assisting in ordering to final product placement.
  • Versatile delivery: The Union Quarries team will deliver ready-mix concrete for any construction job, letting you create bollards, sidewalks, deck footings, perimeter drains and beyond.


Delivery services from Union Quarries benefit anyone completing a construction project within our operating territory.


Where We Deliver Bulk Concrete


Our manufacturing plant in Carlisle, PA, allows us to produce many valuable products, including tons of ready-mix concrete for businesses all over the area. We limit delivery services to locations within a 40-mile radius to ensure you receive concrete that’s fresh and ready for installation. Local cities we serve include:


  • Carlisle
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Dillsburg
  • Harrisburg
  • York


Our team can send ready-mix cement to projects within Cumberland, Adams, Perry, Dauphin and York counties, providing the local concrete delivery you need to keep your projects moving on schedule.


Why Choose Us as Your Concrete Delivery Company?


Union Quarries has served the Carlisle area with high-quality products like concrete, stone and asphalt solutions since 1961. Our years of experience have given us the necessary knowledge and reputation to provide superior service to teams throughout central PA.


Our facilities follow best practices to ensure our customers receive the high-quality products they order quickly and safely. We treat everyone who orders as a partner so we can establish long-lasting relationships and ensure you have the bulk concrete products you need whenever you need them.


Contact Union Quarries for Ready-Mix Concrete Now


At Union Quarries, we deliver tens of thousands of yards of ready-mix concrete to our Central PA customers year after year and have proven to be Central PA’s top ready-mix concrete supplier. This is concrete pre-mixed to meet your construction material needs, delivered directly to you so you can keep your project on schedule. We can also help you with calculating your water to cement ratios if needed.


We have over half a century of experience and thousands of satisfied customers behind us so you know that Union Quarries will deliver to you a product you can rely on. We deliver to Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Perry County and York County. To find out more about our ready-mix concrete options or for a free quote on your project, contact Union Quarries today.