Asphalt Suppliers In Central PA

Are you in the business of paving roadways or parking lots in the Carlisle, Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg, PA area? Are you having trouble finding the right answer to the question, “Are there any reliable asphalt suppliers near me?”


Union Quarries, Inc. has the solution. Headquartered in Carlisle, PA, we’ve been providing high-quality materials to companies throughout the region since 1961. We proudly serve the needs of road construction firms and related entities in the central PA region.


About Our Asphalt Product

Our advanced production process enables us to manufacture superior asphalt and blacktop that will exceed your expectations. Our product contains no reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) or shingles, which ensures its purity. It also delivers these essential properties:

  • Stability: Our asphalt will retain its shape and smoothness under repeated loading and provides excellent resistance to rutting and shoving. You’ll also avoid the issue of excessive stability value that can make asphalt too stiff.
  • Durability: The durability of our asphalt enables it to resist problems such as the stripping of the binder film, disintegration and changes in the binder due to oxidation or polymerization.
  • Impermeability: Your asphalt or blacktop pavement will fall within your project’s acceptable permeability limits.
  • Workability: Our asphalt product is easy to place and compact. You’ll avoid issues such as harshness, which can make asphalt difficult to compact, and tenderness, which can make the mixture too pliable.
  • Flexibility: You’ll get asphalt that will adjust to gradual movements and settlements in the subgrade without cracking. You’ll also achieve the acceptable tradeoff between flexibility and stability.
  • Resistance to fatigue: Union Quarries asphalt offers excellent resistance to bending under heavy vehicle traffic. Your well-supported pavement will have a longer fatigue life.
  • Skid resistance: Our asphalt will help to prevent hydroplaning on wet roadways, as the aggregate mixture enables vehicle tires to maintain sufficient contact with the road.


You’ll Appreciate Our Commitment to Being Quality Asphalt Suppliers


At Union Quarries, producing high-quality asphalt is only part of what we do. As a local asphalt supplier, we also deliver top-notch support. Our culture of excellence fosters the establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors and customers. Whether you’re a project manager, engineer, contractor or property owner, our friendly, efficient staff will do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer. Our 98% customer service rating speaks to our ability to provide the best solutions.


We Make Safety a Top Priority


Our industry is dangerous, and workplace accidents are an all-too-common occurrence. We implement the most stringent in-plant safety measures to protect our employees. By taking steps such as holding “toolbox meetings” where we focus on various safety-related topics, we raise awareness about the hazards that exist in our work environment — and how to protect against them.


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Looking for asphalt delivery near me? Learn more about what makes Union Quarries your best choice among asphalt and blacktop suppliers in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and York Counties. Contact us for more information and a free quote today.