Rip Rap (R3 – R8) Crushed Stone

Rip rap is large — nearly boulder-size — crushed stone. It is mainly used in applications by bodies of water, which is why you commonly see it along streams, rivers and similar locations.



What Is Rip Rap Gravel?

R3 aggregate stone type

Rip rap is an aggregate that will perform in the harshest outdoor conditions. It withholds channel flow, slope stability and erosion, which protects your property and public safety. Because of rip rap’s large size, it will not compact. The rip rap at Union Quarries includes mined limestone, a rock that stands up to the severe tasks rip rap must do.


Rip rap also serves as structural support for sloped areas that need protection from both erosion and water. Erosion protection is crucial because it can prevent damage to infrastructure and make the area safe for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Rip rap minimizes the erosiveness of waves on the shoreline or water on the outer bank of a river bend, and it protects bridge structures near waterways.


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Rip Rap Stone Varieties & Sizes


Rip rap stones are among the biggest crushed stones available. Their size is why they work well for heavy-duty tasks, such as protecting shorelines from erosion. Not all rip rap stone sizes are the same — there are many varieties available that vary by size and their intended purpose.


At Union Quarries, we have six varieties of rip rap available, including:



Rip Rap R3 and Rip Rap R4


The aggregates in the R3 variety range from 3 to 6 inches and the R4 is 6 to 12 inches. Though they are some of the smallest varieties available, they are still effective in small drainage or minimal slope areas. They are not the best options for areas with heavy water flow. Besides these applications, you can use R3 and R4 rip rap as a driveway base or to create a gravel parking lot. R3 and R4 are also dense enough that they will prevent weed growth.



Rip Rap R5 and Rip Rap R6


R5 aggregate is 9 to 18 inches, and R6 aggregate is 12 to 24 inches. R5 and R6 are the most common varieties of rip rap because they are the most versatile. Their heavy weight and mid-range size work well at reinforcing the edge of ponds, rivers, streams and lakes, as well as deterring pedestrian traffic. Apart from water applications, you can also use R5 and R6 in retaining walls or as railroad ballast.



Rip Rap R7 and Rip Rap R8


As one of the largest varieties of rip rap, R7 is 18 to 30 inches, and R8 is 24 to 42 inches. In bigger bodies of water with rapid currents, R7 and R8 provide the best erosion protection. These varieties are the best options for restoring a bank that has already started to erode. You can also use them to fill in large ditches and holes. Because of their size and weight, you may need to place these rocks with a machine.


Uses for Rip Rap


There are many practical uses for rip rap, including:


Erosion Control


Use rip rap stones for erosion control, slope stability and runoff protection along shorelines and other slopes. The size of the rocks used for this purpose varies based on the steepness of the hill and the speed of the water flow. As it protects against erosion, the rip rap blends in with the scenery for a solution that won’t take away from the natural appearance of the area.


Place rip rap for erosion control on steep slopes, shorelines, bridge foundations and anywhere else that is exposed to flowing water. Homeowners may also use rip rap to create a flow barrier for situations where water may damage their property.



Pedestrian Safety


Because rip rap is crushed stone, it is naturally jagged and difficult to walk on. When placed along the shoreline, these qualities are a signal for pedestrians to stay away from the water’s edge. This deterrent is crucial when the water has a strong current.





Rip Rap, especially the R3 and R4 varieties, acts as a base for gravel parking areas and driveways.



Landscaping and Architecture


Use rip rap stones in landscaping and around your property, usually on the side of a hill or embankment. They work as a retaining wall for soil, as well as a yard decoration. Less commonly, you can use these stones in flat areas of landscaping, surrounded by shrubbery.



Gabion Baskets


A gabion basket is made of galvanized wire and filled with rip rap. Baskets placed along shoreline may have vegetation planted inside. It is another anti-erosion technique useful for steep slopes and narrow banks.




Where to Find Rip Rap Stone Near Me


Rip rap acts as a protective barrier along waterways that minimizes the effects of erosion while adding stability. It’s essential for shorelines of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, and you need rip rap material that’s reliable and long-lasting to do the job.


Union Quarries has rip rap stone near you made of durable limestone and available at affordable prices. We’re the trusted seller of aggregates, asphalt and ready-mix concrete in central Pennsylvania. When you buy your rip rap supply from us, you will receive a quality product that will appear and perform as you expect. We deliver to Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Perry County and York County.


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