Anti Skid (AS3)

Known as anti skid, 1/4 stone, AS3 or cinders, this variety of crushed stone helps you gain traction in the ice and snow on roads, sidewalks, driveways and other places where chloride salts will not work.



What Is Anti Skid Aggregate?


Anti skid stone is a form of crushed stone with angular pieces and is resistant to pressure and other forces. Though it may be composed of many kinds of rock, we mine all of our aggregates from limestone, giving our anti skid stones a gray appearance. We make the AS3 variety, which refers to the small size of the aggregates.


Anti skid aggregate is useful for concrete surfaces that have an adverse reaction with chloride salts as it is free of abrasives. Unlike salts, you can’t track anti skid stone inside, keeping the interior of your business or home clean. The material itself is clean and easy to remove when necessary. Another benefit is that anti skid aggregate is safe for pets, children and the environment.



Anti Skid Stone Size


Anti skid aggregates are a mixture of many sizes and forms of crushed stone. The largest chunks are 1/2-inch to 3/8-inch top size, and anti skid stone supplies may also include dust.



Uses of Anti Skid Aggregate


The main purpose of anti-skid aggregate is to provide traction on ice and snow. Use it on the roadways to help vehicles drive in less than ideal weather conditions. This application makes it useful for state Departments of Transportation or municipalities to have on-hand and lay down on highways, residential roads and more.


Anti skid stone can also serve the same purpose in places where people walk, including driveways, stairs, decks, building entrances and sidewalks. It melts the ice and snow away, making areas walkable.



Order Your 1/4 Stone Today From Union Quarries


Anti skid aggregate is beneficial to have for when bad weather pops up. Its main benefit of traction in adverse conditions makes it a crucial material for roadways as well as other locations where you need a secure grip. When purchasing anti skid stones, order aggregates that are high-quality and cost-effective — not just any supplier will achieve this refinement. Union Quarries has the anti skid (AS3) stones you need, made with the finest limestone available at unbeatable prices.


We have served the central Pennsylvania region with aggregates, ready-mix concrete and asphalt since 1961. What sets us apart is our dedication to customer service. Our representatives are here to help if you’d like advice on which material is best for your project and budget. After you make a purchase, we offer the added convenience of delivery right to your work site.


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