AASHTO #57 Crushed Stone

AASHTO #57 Aggregate


AASHTO #57 rock is a crushed stone grade that is gravel-like and made from a blend of stones five, six and seven. It comes from natural rock, so the pieces are jagged and angular.



What Is #57 Crushed Stone?AASHTO #57 Washed aggregate stone type


AASHTO #57 crushed stone consists of many common kinds of rocks, including quartzite, washed gravel, granite, argillite, limestone and traprock. At Union Quarries, we exclusively mine limestone for our crushed #57 stone size as well as our other aggregate options.


It has remained a popular aggregate choice in agriculture, landscaping and construction. The main benefit is that it is large enough to use in rugged applications, and these stones tend to be more porous, so they allow for drainage.


AASHTO #57 will not compact, yet with vibratory compacting equipment, it will have slight vertical compaction that’s necessary for certain applications. When buried, there are enough gaps between and within the stones that air and water can pass through, keeping trees, other vegetation and groundwater healthy. This drainage also prevents pooling and flooding.


If you need AASHTO #57 in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, Union Quarries can help.


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AASHTO #57 Stone Size


Stones in AASHTO #57 blend are detected with a 1.5-inch sieve, which is why the #57 stone size is around 1 to 1.5 inches. Its size makes it useful for weight-bearing applications such as foundation beds and driveways.



Uses For AASHTO #57 Aggregate


AASHTO #57 aggregate has remained one of the most commonly used stone sizes because of its many uses, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Lining for underground pipes and cables
  • Subbase for sheds
  • Base for railroad ballasts
  • Landscaping
  • French drains
  • Septic drainage fields
  • Gravel walkways
  • Base for sidewalks
  • Base for asphalt roads (roadbeds)
  • Foundation beds
  • Base for paved driveways
  • Unpaved driveways
  • Primary raw aggregate in hot-mixed asphalt and ready-mixed concretes


When used in asphalt paving, the tar and other aggregates can sink into the spaces between the stones, which gives the structure a solid and firm base.

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AASHTO #57 is one of the most useful and beneficial aggregates available, and it is also one of the most affordable options. This is an aggregate that you will want to use in your projects. If you need AASHTO #57, get it from a producer known for high-grade materials that lead to successful projects.


For the best quality AASHTO #57 in the region, go to Union Quarries. Since 1961, we have been one of the leading producers of blacktop, stone and concrete for commercial and residential projects in Central PA. The #57 stone size is just one of the many options you can choose from in our vast selection.


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