2RC Crushed Stone

2RC Compactable Aggregate


2RC is a dirty granular material with coarse stone pieces and fine sediments. These coarse and fine components together create a material that compacts well. 2RC stone is a good road base used by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).



What Is 2RC Stone?


2RC aggregate stone type

2RC is a well-graded aggregate that may be coated with earthen fines such as clay, silt, dirt and loam, as well as stone dust. It has no structural coefficient and does not drain. The pieces have an angular shape from the crushing process. Its best quality is that it is highly compactable, which allows the stones to interlock for strength.


You can use 2RC as a road base and fill material. Our 2RC stone, like all of our other aggregate options, is mined limestone, a durable and reliable rock for many applications.


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2RC Stone Size


2RC has a top size of 1.5 inches, though it may range from 0.75 to 2 inches. The mixture also contains sediments that help give 2RC its compacting capabilities.


Because of the varying sizes, it may be challenging to determine how much 2RC you need for your project. Use a product calculator to give you an accurate estimate based on the measurements you enter. It will save you time and money, make you confident in your order and increase your efficiency.



Uses for 2RC Stone


Fill and backfill areas that need stability and compaction often require 2RC stone. You can also use it as a base for roads, pavers and slabs and bedding for pipes. In some cases, you may use 2RC on the surface. For these purposes, PennDOT commonly uses 2RC stone to build and repair highways and other state roads.


For residential applications, you may use it as a top dress driveway or a base for patios and walkways. For all uses, you must place it at a depth of 4 inches or greater.

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Get Your PennDOT 2RC Stone at Union Quarries


2RC is a choice stone for roads, walkways and other structures that need a secure base. To have the most success with your project, select a quality 2RC stone grade from a trusted quarry that mines only the best materials.


Union Quarries has served the Central Pennsylvania area since 1961. We mine a variety of aggregate types and sell asphalt and ready-mix concrete, using only the best raw materials to assure that your product will perform beyond your expectations.


The experts at Union Quarries are here to help you find the best aggregate for your needs. Speak with one of our representatives today, and they will pair you with the best solution based on your project and budget. We deliver to Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Perry County and York County.


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