Union Quarries can service all your needs for crushed stone in York, PA, Boiling Springs, PA, Carlisle, PA, Mechanicsburg, PA, Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas throughout Central PA. We are your local ready-mix concrete supplier as well as suppliers of aggregates and asphalt.



A construction project doesn’t come together with just one type of material. You may need aggregate for stability, ready-mix concrete for floors and asphalt for a driveway or parking lot. We understand this, and we also understand that you don’t want to waste time and money looking for these products in all different locations. You want one source of product that you can trust. That means Union Quarries.


We produce quality aggregates, ready mix concrete and asphalt and have different options.

  • Aggregates

    Mining limestone gives us the ability to produce an extensive range of small to large aggregate.

  • Ready Mix Concrete

    Ready mix concrete is a tailor made concrete which improves durability and sustainability

  • Asphalt

    A bituminous material used for surfacing roads and parking lots. Our blacktop contains NO rap or shingles.



Aggregate is simply a collection of particulate material suitable for construction purposes. It may include gravel, sand, aggregate products, crushed stone and other rocks and is useful for foundations, roads and other construction purposes due to its stability and predictable properties. Mining limestone gives us the ability to produce an extensive range of small to large aggregate.


We can provide you with a number of options when it comes to aggregate, varying by top size, compaction properties, drainage ability and other features. Which you will choose will depend on the purpose of your aggregate (e.g. driveway, pipe bedding, surfacing, foundation, etc.).



Ready-mix concrete is a tailor-made concrete which improves durability and sustainability. If you do not have the time, resources or facilities to mix your own concrete, call us. We have decades of experience generating custom ready-mix concrete batches to suit the specific requirements of our Central PA customers and their construction products. This is a reliable, cost-effective, high-quality product that can help you keep your project on schedule.



A bituminous material used for surfacing roads and parking lots. Our blacktop contains NO rap or shingles. Asphalt is extremely popular for road construction and driveway/parking lot paving because it is cost effective, long lasting and better for the environment since it’s recyclable. We can deliver all the asphalt you need for your large or small blacktop construction project.

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Union Quarries has been supplying Central PA with limestone, asphalt and ready-mix concrete for over 50 years. We are a local stone quarry that has deep roots in Carlisle and the greater Central PA community. We love to see Pennsylvania construction projects succeed and have thousands of satisfied customers who can testify to the quality of our product and the high level of service we provide.


Our priorities are the safety of our employees and a commitment to excellence in customer service. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with a stone quarry that puts people first. We greatly value this community and the people in it and would like to welcome you into our family by providing you with the finest stone products in Central PA.


Union Quarries have generated hundreds of thousands of tons of aggregates and asphalt and tens of thousands of yards of concrete. We understand your needs and concerns and what we need to do to satisfy them. We’re ready to help get your project off the ground now. Contact us for a free quote on ready-mix concrete, asphalt or aggregate today.