Quarry In Perry County, Pennsylvania

For construction projects in Perry County, Union Quarries is your provider of stone, concrete and blacktop. We’ve been supplying construction necessities to people in areas like Duncannon and Newport since 1961. Whether you’re looking for ready-mix concrete, small or large particle aggregate, or crushed gravel, we have them.

When you choose Union Quarries, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest-quality stone to serve your needs. We take our work seriously, adhering to the highest safety standards and best practices in the industry.


Aggregates Available in Perry County


We have aggregates that are excellent for a variety of operations, like:

  • Filling roads: We have many aggregates that provide good stability and are resistant to compacting, like 2RC or PA 2A. You can choose based on factors like size and drainage ability.
  • Creating driveways or walking paths: Create that telltale crunch as you drive over AASHTO #57 or AASHTO #8 washed. Similar materials also work well for ready-mix concrete and hot mix asphalt.
  • Lining ditches and construction entrances: These places need aggregate that’s a bit coarser than your average gravel to help drivers slow down and proceed with caution. If this is your next project, consider a coarse blend like AASHTO #1.
  • Building a water landscape: Having a river running nearby is a benefit for many people, but you have to make sure it stays where it is and doesn’t overtake the land around it when it’s rainy. R3 and R4 rip rap are aggregates composed of large stones and small boulders ranging from 3 to 12 inches. They’re the perfect size for building a beautiful waterfront scene.

Concrete and Asphalt


Aside from our extensive aggregate selection, we also provide concrete mix and asphalt for all of your project needs.

When exploring asphalt for your new blacktop, ensure that your choice is advertised as “pure asphalt.” The “pure” designation refers to asphalt that doesn’t have reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) or shingles mixed in. RAP and shingles can affect the feel of the final product, turning what could have been a smooth ride into a bumpy, broken blacktop.

Union Quarries’ asphalt is as pure as possible. We’ve tested its durability, stability and resistance to skidding, among other things, and it stays flexible as you work with it to provide an easier laying operation.

If you’re new to buying concrete, your best option is to buy it pre-mixed. Even if you’re a practiced concrete layer, mixing concrete well requires specialty equipment that the team at Union Quarries has spent a long time practicing with. Buying your own equipment is an expensive solution, and if you’re not sure how to use it properly, it can result in serious injury. It’s better to leave it to us — we’ll be happy to help!


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With your next construction project just around the corner, make sure you have premium supplies provided by a company that cares about your safety and success. Our Perry County serves Marysville, Newport, Millerstown, Duncannon and every other town in the county. Connect with us today to get started.